Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do you clean your gel packs before you use them?

I thought about this during a recent long ride as I was trying to suck/squeeze out the last bit of my last gel.  Hey, self, "Where has this pack been and how many people have had their nasty hands on it?" because you're putting it in your mouth!  I was hungry, so I pushed this thought out of my head and kept squeezing, but the thought stuck with me after I got home. 

Some of my gels I bought in case quantity and I opened the case when I got them home. These don't concern me that much. 

Others came from open cartons at REI, Performance, etc.  These cases were opened in the store and hopefully they were not touched, sneezed-on or dropped too many times before I picked them up. I guess washing these would be a good idea...

Finally, I have some "race schwag" gels. Lord only knows where these have been and which volunteer put them in my bag and when they last washed their hands (ewe).  These are now in the must wash pile.

So what do you think, am I being up tight, or do you think about this kind of stuff too?

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