Monday, December 3, 2012

November Notes and Numbers

November was an interesting month for me.  I started to exercise again with some regularity, but nothing like actual training.  I realized that it's much easier to train against a training plan and towards a goal vs. "just getting up and going for a run".  I started strength training again and I have to ask "Why am I more sore after a 25 minute calisthenics-based strength training workout than I was after a HIM?"

On a more personal and non-triathlon note, my wife and I moved our daughter and granddaughter out after 6 months of cohabitation (our son-in-law was overseas with the Marines).  This is significant for any number of reasons that I will not get into here, but take it from me, our house is really quiet and sorta lonely.  Turns out I'm a big fan of multi-generational living.

By The (off-season) Numbers

Run: 36 miles
Bike: 0 miles
Swim: 0 laps (I still have not been in the pool since race day, but that's about to change...

The only thing on my books right now is a fast mile (running) and a 1000m time trial (swimming).

To that end I set out on Thanksgiving day with the intent of achieving my one-mile goal.  It was a horribly organized attempt that started with a warm up run to the track, which was all locked up, like it should be on a random Thursday morning.  Next I debated if I should just wait and try some other time.  Then finally  I decided to just sprint home, without any milestones or time checks, and hope that I covered enough distance to actually equal a mile.  Not exactly what I had in mind - my ending elevation was higher than my starting elevation and there were rolling hills in the middle - never the less, Strava tells me that my fastest mile was 6:44 which is 16 seconds under my 7 minute goal.  Winner.

New Goals:
Only one - GET BACK INTO THE POOL!  This should not be a problem.

So that's it for me kids.  How was your turkey month?  Did you get any training done?

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