Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Recap, Late as Usual

Here's the December recap, late as usual.

I've started back training more regularly, so my mileage is up a little vs November.  Here are the numbers that nobody really cares about other than me...

Bike: 0
Swim: 2.75

IMTX - I still have not pulled the trigger but I'm getting really close.  I'm feeling better and I'm back into a more regular training schedule again.  I still need to figure out how I'm going to train on the bike, but there are many options so it's just about picking and getting it done.  I feel good about training again and I'm motivated, which is a huge thing.

On another note, I had the opportunity to run in the heat over the holiday which was an eye opening experience.  Obviously I've run in hot weather before, but this was the first time in recent memory that I've gone from cold to hot so quickly and to such an extreme.  The impact on my performance was noticeable,
which is something that I will need to keep in mind if as I'm preparing for IMTX.  I need to post some beach pictures, I'll get to that shortly.

One thing I did learn at the beach is that I'm a swimmer now!  Not really of course, but compared to before.  The knowledge that I can swim a mile without stopping, plus 6 months of swimming workouts brings a new level of enjoyment to a beach vacation.  Yes I did take advantage and swim an open water ocean workout.  But more importantly, I spent tons of time in the water just swimming.  I have never felt so comfortable about swimming at the beach as I did on this trip and that is due to tri.

So that's my December.  I have a bunch of post ideas, so hopefully January will be a little more content rich than the past several months.

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