Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Marched By

Wow, looks like all of the base work that I've been putting in has really paid off. The last week of March was a recovery week, which included a swim time trial and a 15k race. Both turned out really well...

I've already written about the 15k in this post - Six PRs and a Bald Eagle, Oh My.

That one run has reset my thinking in a number of ways.

The swim TT went well also, although not quite as well. Way back in September I posted some goals for my upcoming off season - 2012 Goals. One of those goals was a 1000 m TT in 20 minutes by April 1. This was a crazy, rainbows and unicorns kind of goal as I would have to take over 3 minutes off of my previous PR. At the time I posted the goal, I was not committed to IMTX and thus I had no specific swim plans. The goal was really intended as a kick in the ass to keep me swimming after the half IM in October.

Anyway, I've been swimming quite a bit in preparation for IMTX and I've been feeling strong, so I knew that a PR was probable, I just didn't know how much time I would actually shave off my previous best. So to cut to the chase, as I setup for my swim, I was excited to get started. I swam a quick warm up and then I was off. Garmin beeped at me every 300 m and I tried to keep focused on my form. After the third alert I knuckled down and tried to sprint my way home.

End result: 20:58. Not quite the 20:00 that I was looking for, but still a full 2 minutes plus under my previous best. Progress!

The numbers:
Swim: 15.5 - not quite record distance, but close.
Bike: 386 miles - a record by over 100 miles. Lots of time spent in the saddle.
Run: 105 miles - a record month for sure.

April is a key training month for me - much of the month is my final build for IMTX. The next four weeks can make or break my whole plan, so I'm trying to stay laser focused and these recent successes have been very helpful with that.

So that was my March - awesome. Hopefully yours was just a cool.

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