Monday, February 11, 2013

Just January!

January was mileage rich, but content poor; sorry about that. Training continues and I'm still procrastinating about registering for IMTX. My current excuse is a snowboard trip to vail in early February. Snowboarding makes my knees hurt these days, so I want to see how I feel after that trip. Plus I have a big ride scheduled immediately after and I want to see how that ride goes. I know, excuses, excuses. Really though I'm uncomfortable with the thought of wasting the entrance fee and the foundation donation, so I'm training hard but waiting as long as possible to put my money on the table.

It's been quite cold this winter, so running has been interesting, to say the least. As for cycling, I wish I could say I'm getting used to the trainer but that would be a lie. Well, maybe I am getting used to it, but I just hate it :-). Regardless, I've been putting in the hours and that's what matters. Plus I get to ride outside in feb when we go to Phoenix. Hopefully that will turn into a blog post but who knows.

One difference that I've noticed between my half and full plan is the swim distances.  I thought I was swimming a lot during the half plan, but it turns out I was not. Now I'm swimming a lot! No really, a lot!!

On to the numbers for my own gratification.

Run Miles: 75 - not quite a record month, but close.
Swim Miles: 17 - big time, serious, major record. Wow
Bike Miles: 142 - almost all on the trainer and not nearly enough. Feb will be much better.

Open Goals:
Back in December I posted a goal about doing a 1000m TT in 20 min or less. That was a glitter and unicorns kind of goal at the time (and it still is) but I'm putting in the kind of miles that might make it possible. I have a recovery week coming up and this one ends with a 1000m TT so I should have a gauge after that. If nothing else, I expect a big PR - I'll be really disappointed if I don't PR.

So that was my January, head down on the trainer, freezing on the run, chlorine bleached hair and LOVING every minute of it!

Hopefully you loved your January too!

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